Huon Valley Weed Management Strategy

Huon Valley Weed Management Strategy


This is the third version of the Huon Valley Weed Management Strategy. The purpose of the Strategy is to support land managers to develop weed management programs and plans for their land through strategic prioritisation of resources.

It is important to highlight that this is a whole region Strategy, not just what the Huon Valley Council will be doing to manage weeds, but what all public land managers are expected to do to meet legislative requirements (as per the Weed Management Act 1999) and strategically manage weeds as well as how private landholders are supported by Council to do the same.

The Strategy is not designed with the public as the main audience; rather communication materials will be developed based on the Strategy for private land managers and the general public.

Community Consultation was undertaken on the draft Strategy from 25 June to 15 July 2018.  Feedback received was collated and summarised in a summary report.

The final Strategy was approved by Council at its August 2018 Ordinary meeting.  A copy can be found here.