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Huon Valley Recreation Plan


The Huon Valley Recreation Plan is designed as a ten-year guide for future planning, development and management of sport and recreation within the Huon Valley. As part of its development, the Huon Valley community, sporting clubs, schools and other groups were invited to a series of workshops and an online survey was available to complete online.

The Recreation Plan addresses a range of aspects including:

  • changing needs within the community;
  • achieving equitable access to multipurpose facilities and spaces;
  • better utilisation of existing recreational facilities and services;
  • potential for changing, enhancing, sharing or rationalising use of existing facilities;
  • identifying the need and priority for new facilities; and
  • opportunities where recreational pursuits may also engage tourism.

Have Your Say on the draft plan

You are invited to review the draft plan and give us your feedback:

  • Read the draft Huon Valley Recreation Plan Here
  • The survey is now closed.
Community engagement

This is an open consultation. The Council is seeking the community’s views on the draft plan, with all views welcome and encouraged.

On conclusion of the Consultation, the Project Team will analyse the community feedback and the Community Engagement Feedback Summary report will be presented to Council along with the Draft Huon Valley Recreation Plan in the coming months.

Update September 2020

Following community engagement on the Draft Huon Valley Recreation Plan, the Community Engagement Report and final Huon Valley Recreation Plan was presented to Council at the  Ordinary Council meeting on 26 August. Council endorsed the Huon Valley Recreation Plan for public release and implementation. You can find a copy Here

Update August 2020

The Huon Valley Recreation Plan will be presented to to council at the August 2020 Council meeting.

Key Dates

  • 8/4/2020 Report presented to Council
  • 18/5/2020 Consultation opens
  • 5/6/2020 Consultation closes
  • 29/7/2020 Engagement report presented to Council

Project Cycle

  1. Consultation with stakeholders
  2. Under review
  3. Council meeting
  4. Approved for Community Engagement
  5. Under review
  6. Endorsed by Council