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Huon Valley Council Annual Report 2018–2019


We are pleased to present the Huon Valley Council Annual Report 2018–2019. The report summarises the implementation of the 2018–2019 Annual Plan and details our achievements, activities and financial performance for the year.  

Members of the public are invited to inspect the Annual Report 2018–2019 and make a submission to be discussed when the report is presented at the Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2019.

You have the opportunity to provide feedback during a two-week period from Friday 1 November until 5pm Friday 15 November 2019.

The full document can be viewed and downloaded here.

A hardcopy of the Annual Report 2018–2019 is available to read at Council’s Customer Service Office at 40 Main Street, Huonville.

Submissions can be made the following ways:

  • Complete the feedback form below
  • Complete a hardcopy form at the Council’s Customer Service Office
  • Email: hvc@huonvalley.tas.gov.au
  • Post: PO Box 210, Huonville, 7109
  • Fax: (03) 6264 0399

Please note the report is in draft form and is subject to further proof-reading and minor editing before it is published.

Printed copies of the final report will be made available to the public in early December 2019.

Annual Report 2018–2019 Feedback

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Key Dates

  • 15/11/2019 Submissions close 5pm
  • 11/12/2019 Report presented at Annual General Meeting