Cygnet Tree Project

Cygnet Tree Project

In 2016 the Huon Valley Council and The Cygnet Association (TCA) collaborated to beautify Mary Street in Cygnet by planting 16 “Lednaw Aerial” (Farinas Pensylvanica) along Mary Street and in Harvey’s Park.

The Cygnet Association (TCA) has secured grant funding from the Tasmanian State Government and the Office of Premier and Cabinet for ‘local streetscape enhancement for Cygnet.’

The association looked at achievable priorities, which include the continued planting of trees on Mary Street, the Mary Street Car Park and the Catholic Church area.

This project will see further enhancement of the Cygnet Township with the planting of up to 16 trees in various locations. This will benefit the town’s appearance and community pride.

If you would like to be involved in this project please contact The Cygnet Association at

The project information is available here