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Capital Works Program 2020/2021


Each year the Council allocates funding to a capital works program. Capital expenditure requirements are sourced from Council’s asset management plan, inspection programs and condition assessments, as well as the Strategic Plan.

Asset renewal expenditure is expenditure on an existing asset to renew or replace it as it has reached the end of its useful service life. An example would be the resealing of a bitumen road. Asset upgrades are carried out to address deficiencies in current service levels or to meet new standards or statutory requirements. An example of this would be the need to increase the diameter of a stormwater pipe, or to increase the softfall requirements in a playground due to changes in Australian Standards.

The following table is a summary of some of the capital works planned for 2020/21 (more info). Please continue to check this page for updates on projects.

Road NameSuburbWorks TypeSchedule DateStatus
Esperance Coast RoadBrooks Bay Road Reseal
September 2020Started
Winns RoadCygnetRoad ResealJanuary 2021Ongoing
Emma StreetCygnetRoad ResealTBC
Christina StreetCygnetRoad ResealTBC
Brownwell StreetGeevestonRoad Reseal
Kerb and Footpath
September 2020Started
Jacksons RoadFranklinStabilisationDecember 2020Completed
North Huon RoadJudburyResealingNovember 2020
Mountain River Road GroveResealingNovember 2020
Kermandie RoadGeevestonFootbridgeTBC
Dances RoadCygnetFootbridgeTBC
Heron Street/Tennis Court RoadHuonvilleResealOctober 2020
Crofton Court HuonvilleResealJanuary 2021Completed
Donohoe StreetCygnetFootpathFebruary 2021Started
Donohoe StreetCygnetResealTBC
Stride StreetHuonvilleReasealTBC
Slaughterhouse RoadDoverBridge replacementCommence June 2021
Thorp StreetCygnetReseal/stabilisationFebruary 2021Started