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Board of Inquiry for Huon Valley Council

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You might have heard that the Tasmanian Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Peter Gutwein has announced an inquiry into the governance of Huon Valley Council.

Mr Gutwein said the inquiry was called following complaints about “elected members failing to carry out their duties under the Local Government Act, failing to comply with a code of conduct and not maintaining a safe workplace.”

Mr Gutwein would not detail the nature of the complaints.
“The complaints have been received in confidence and it will be up to the board [of inquiry] to decide how they should be dealt with,” he said.

The inquiry will report back to then Minister at the end of November. The Minister’s Press Release from September 8 is below.

So what does this mean for residents in the Valley?
Nothing really…while the Inquiry goes ahead – all council services remain the same.

The Inquiry will focus on governance issues and will not impact day-to-day operations.

If you have any questions about council services please email: