Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014

A new Huon Valley planning scheme is being prepared as part of major state-wide planning reform.

Before the new scheme comes into effect, the three existing schemes will be replaced by an interim planning scheme, which is currently in draft form.

For information about planning and the planning reform process, visit the State Government’s iPlan website.

Tasmanian planning reform and Regional Planning Project

Planning reform in southern Tasmania is part of the Southern Tasmanian Regional Planning Project (Regional Planning Project). The project is being co-ordinated by Think South on behalf of its 12 southern Tasmanian council members.

The planning reform process and the creation of new planning schemes is governed by the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy

The Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010 -2035 forms part of the Regional Planning Project. Planning schemes are required to be consistent with, and are to further the objectives and outcomes of, regional land use strategies.

Council’s draft Interim Planning Scheme

When finalised as a new planning scheme, the Huon Valley Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014 (draft Interim Planning Scheme) will further the Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy and the Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010 – 2035.

The draft Interim Planning Scheme will, during the next stages of the process, replace the Huon Planning Scheme 1979, the Port Cygnet Planning Scheme 1988 and the Esperance Planning Scheme 1989.

Drafting of planning schemes and common and local provisions

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has set out how planning schemes must be drafted.

All Tasmanian planning schemes are required to have mandatory common provisions, and may apply optional common provisions. Planning schemes can include local provisions which do not conflict with mandatory common provisions or with optional common provisions within a scheme.

Further planning information

Interim Planning Scheme information sheet

iPlan – the State Government’s online planning resource

Tasmanian Planning Commission

Implementation of the draft Interim Planning Scheme

The draft Interim Planning Scheme will not take effect until the implementation process is completed and the declaration is made by the Planning Minister.

Following the Minister’s declaration, the Council’s current planning schemes will be replaced by the new interim scheme.

When the rest of the implementation process is completed, the draft  Interim Planning Scheme will become the Council’s new planning scheme.