The Council is responsible for statutory and strategic land use and development, including the assessment of applications for use and development on land and under the Council’s three planning schemes, and assessment of planning scheme amendments, subdivisions and strata schemes.

Council is also developing a new planning scheme.

You can view current advertised planning applications on our live map.

Planning and building approvals

Planning approval and building approval are two separate processes.

Often a particular use or development of land may require approvals under both processes (which requires two applications).

A Special Plumbing Permit may also be required for on-site wastewater disposal or septic tank.

Building work or Land Use

You may need a planning permit if you intend to:

  • Undertake building works;
  • make alterations to a building;
  • change the use of a building (such as from a house to a bed & breakfast);
  • undertake land clearing;
  • excavate land or place fill;
  • erect signage; or
  • make other modifications to a building or land.

You may also need a Building application permit.

Types of uses

Depending on the zone of your land and any other provisions that may apply, the Council’s planning scheme may deem a proposal either:

  • Permitted as of right (exempt);
  • permitted;
  • discretionary; or
  • prohibited.

Exemptions from planning approval

Some types of uses may be exempt from requiring planning approval.

Since August 2011, standards for single dwellings in residential zones have been in place. These standards apply to any single dwelling on land zoned “closed residential” under the Huon Planning Scheme 1979 and the Port Cygnet Planning Scheme 1988, and “residential A” under the Esperance Planning Scheme 1989. Applicants who comply with these standards will not need to obtain a planning permit. More information about the standards can be found on the Tasmanian Planning Commission‘s website.


Customer satisfaction survey

Help us continue to improve our planning approval process by taking our customer satisfaction survey.

This survey focuses on the Council’s planning approval process and does not cover other approval processes undertaken by the Council, such as building and plumbing.

The survey will remain strictly confidential and personal details will not be publicly disclosed. The survey data will be used to determine where Council processes have worked effectively where improvements can be made.

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