Huonville Ranelagh Master Plan Project

Project Description

Emma Riley and Associates (ERA) have been engaged by the Huon Valley Council (HVC) to develop a master plan for Huonville and Ranelagh.
The ERA team will develop a master plan which will not only guide the long-term growth of the town, but contribute to its increased activity and revitalisation, enhance the town’s key assets and strengthen Huonville’s role as a significant regional centre.

The primary objective for the master plan is to provide a comprehensive integrated framework for future development and investment in Huonville and Ranelagh for a period of 15-20 years.
There has been significant and somewhat unprecedented development pressure in the Huon Valley municipality in recent years, with projected population increases in the future.

Huonville is a key gateway for visitors to the Huon Valley.  The Huon Valley is an important primary production area for Southern Tasmania, and in addition to this, Huonville and Ranelagh are within commuter distance to the primary employment areas of Greater Hobart. Huonville’s location is one of the key drivers for population growth and additional economic activity. A master plan will present an opportunity to fully explore these opportunities, and ensure that they are maximised in a cohesive and coordinated way.

Relevant background information is available in the following documents.

Community Engagement

The HVC and ERA team places significant weight on the importance of stakeholder engagement, and the fundamental role that it plays in ensuring that all necessary considerations are identified and addressed, and that the resultant strategy is successful.

The ERA team will be conducting community consultation as part of the master plan process. Face-to-face consultation will be held on two separate occasions, a workshop on Tuesday the 5 December and a drop-in session on Saturday the 9 December.


The workshop will divide the participants into groups that include representatives from all sectors of the community so all points of view are around each table. Each table will be given a theme to discuss, and each group will include an ERA team representative to ensure the topic is adequately covered and everyone at the table is heard. Each group will be given an opportunity to discuss each theme.
Where: Huonville Town Hall, 40 Main Street, Huonville.
When: 4-7pm Tuesday 5 December
RSVP/Booking: Please book your ticket for this event at Eventbrite.

Drop-in Sessions

The drop-in sessions will be more informal sessions that, in addition to gathering community opinions and ideas will also include a number of discussions points on display, with information from the background analysis available. The drop-in sessions will be a more relaxed, conversation style consultation.
The information and feedback gathered during the community consultation will feed directly into preparation of the draft master plan document.


Where: 40 Main Street, Huonville – Council building side entrance (between Council and the Commonwealth Bank)
When: 9:30 – 11:30am Saturday 9 December


Where: Ranelagh Memorial Hall, Marguerite Street, Ranelagh
When: 12:30 – 2:30pm Saturday 9 December

No booking required. Just drop in!

Further Information

If you have any questions about the sessions or the project please contact:
Clare Hester
Senior Planner
Emma Riley & Associates
Phone:   (03) 6105 0443