Community Grant Guidelines

These guidelines outline eligibility and assessment criteria and the assessment process for the Community Grants program. All applications must comply with these guidelines. From time to time the Huon Valley Council may elect to target specific outcomes within the assessment criteria and will redistribute assessment weightings accordingly. This will be notified in advance on the Council website as the ‘Key Criteria’ for each round. Where there are no Key Criteria, all criteria will be evenly weighted.

What can you apply for?

Organisations and groups can apply for financial assistance and in-kind support for projects and programs that involve, engage and benefit the Huon Valley community.

Organisations and groups can receive only one Community Grant per project per annum. Applicants may also apply for grants in the Council’s other Grants Programs simultaneously and in consecutive rounds, but not for the same project.

For more information and to determine eligibility for other Grants Programs, please check the guidelines on the Huon Valley Council website,

How much money is available per financial year?

Small Grants: Up to the value of $1000 with no added financial or community contribution required

Medium Grants: over $1,001 up to $2,000 with 25% financial or community contribution  support (ie; $2,000 grant requires $500 income/ community contribution)

Large Grants:  over $2,001 up to $3,000 with 50%  financial or community contribution support (ie; $3,000 grant requires $1500 income/ community contribution)Who can apply?

Who can apply?

Incorporated, not-for-profit organisations:

Incorporated, not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply for and auspice applications for Community grants. For the purposes of these grants, a not-for profit organisation is one which is not operating for the profit or gain of its individual members, whether these gains would have been direct or indirect. A not-for-profit organisation can still make a profit/surplus, but this profit must be used to carry out its purposes and must not be distributed to owners, members or other private people.


Unincorporated Groups or Organisations:

Unincorporated organisations or groups may apply for Community grants. Applicants are required to enter an auspice agreement with an incorporated, non-profit organisation to assist your project with, for example, financial management and public liability coverage. Applicants who are auspiced must provide full details and confirmation from their auspice organisation.


Who can’t apply

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Individuals;
  • Applicants who have received a Huon Valley Council Community Grant for the same project within the same financial year;
  • Commercial and profit-making organisations;
  • Australian and Local Government agencies and bodies;
  • Tasmanian Government agencies and bodies, with the exception of schools; and
  • Government Business Enterprises


How to Apply

Applications can be made by completing the application form, completed applications can be lodged electronically using on the Community Grants Page or:

By email to or:

By mail addressed to:

The General Manager

Huon Valley Council

PO Box 210



If you are having difficulties please email or telephone (03) 6264 0300 and we will be happy to assist you.


Venue Hire

The Huon Valley Council’s Community Grants Program offers assistance, both financial and in-kind, for the usage of the Council’s venues. If you are seeking to use venues as part of your proposed project, you must make a tentative booking before you submit your grant application. You will need to provide written evidence of this booking with your grant application, so that your application can be assessed.


Please note, submitting a grant application does not mean that you have booked the desired venue or equipment. This is a separate process. Please refer to the Council website for more information to confirm venue bookings.


Project Eligibility

To be eligible to be assessed for a Community Grant, all applicants must fall under one of the groups listed above under ‘Who can Apply?.


In addition to this, applications for the Community Grant funding stream will:

  • Provide significant benefit to the Huon Valley community
  • Clearly demonstrate a benefit or need for the project in the community.
  • Have a high level of community participation in the project.
  • Align with at least one of the Council’s Strategic Plan Goals
  • Be for a project or part of an ongoing program occurring within 12 months from the approval of the grant with a project start and finish date within the dates of the funding period listed above in key dates
  • Have outcomes which are delivered within the Huon Valley municipal area
  • Appropriately acknowledge the Huon Valley Council’s support and
  • Not duplicate or overlap with existing similar activities.


Ineligible Applications

Applications will be ineligible if they do not comply with the eligibility criteria listed above and if:

  • The applicant has received another Huon Valley Council Community grant for the same project within the same financial year;
  • The applicant has not fulfilled the conditions of a previous Council grant by its due date;
  • The project has potential to make significant profit and/or where other funding sources are considered to be more appropriate;
  • The application is for funding which will pay for:
    • Ongoing administration or operational costs of the applicant. This includes general expenses for ongoing operation of your organisation/group including such things as staff costs, administrative and miscellaneous expenses. In the case of schools this also includes costs associated with the employment of teaching/support staff and/or the delivery of curriculum;
    • Donations or fundraising projects which support the recurrent operations of the applicant;
    • Remissions of rates;
    • Activities which have already commenced, or are scheduled to occur prior to the funding period dates listed above in key dates;
    • Retrospective payments or deficit funding;
    • Funding for individuals, individual pursuits or professional development;
    • The purchase of equipment which is not specifically inherent to project delivery and would otherwise support the recurrent operations of the organisation;
    • School camps or travel expenses for sporting trips, educational, civic, political events, conferences, seminars, forums or similar trips or excursions.


Assessment Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed against the criteria listed below. Projects or activities do not need to meet all the following assessment criteria, nor is meeting all the criteria a guarantee of funding.


While applications can be submitted from organisations for projects which have been funded in previous years, this does not automatically ensure continued grant support. The Council does attempt to direct funding to assist new projects.


Each application will be assessed on its individual merit and its capacity to meet the following Criteria:

  • Demonstrate benefits to the community as an outcome of the project;
  • Align with the at least one of the goals of the Council’s Strategic Plan and the following assessment criteria
  • Extent of community involvement in areas such as consultation, project development, delivery or documentation
  • Demonstrate the project is well planned, that suitably skilled people are involved and that the applicant and the project are financially viable?


Project Budget

Clear budget information will allow the Assessment Panel to understand your project or activity, and which parts of it the Council is being asked to support. Please note the expenses that the Council will not cover, are listed under Ineligible Applications in these Guidelines.


You must provide a balanced budget, accounting for all expenses and income, including in-kind (free of charge), other sponsorships or grants and the amount you are requesting from the Huon Valley Council. You can use the template provided in the application form to help you.


Please note that ‘Income’ refers to all cash and in-kind resources that will be directed towards the development, implementation and/or evaluation of proposed projects. It does not just refer to income generated from a proposed project, such as ticket sales or sale of publications.


In-kind items are subject to availability and additional costs such as transport must either be included in the grant request or will be at the expense of the applicant.


Assessment Process

Assessment Panel

The Assessment Panel will include the Director Community Services and relevant Council officers. The panel will assess each application on its merit, against the assessment criteria and will meet to discuss the applications. Applications will be scored and assessed according to the criteria. If the Panel requires additional information in relation to your application, applicants will be contacted by the relevant Council officer.


Through assessment the application may be recommended for partial funding (cash or in-kind). This decision is carefully considered with the view of maintaining the integrity of the proposal.


Any lesser financial assistance by the Council will involve consultation with the applicant at the time of a Grant Agreement being made.


Recommendation to Council

The Panel will make its recommendations to the Council as to which applications should receive funding based on decisions made as a result of the assessment process. The decision of Council regarding funding outcomes is final.


It should be noted that the report detailing the recommendations for funding will be on the open agenda of the Council agenda. The full application is not available, but brief details of all applications including: applicant name, amount requested, amount recommended for approval (for successful applicants), and a brief outline of the project will be included in the report.



Applicants will receive automatic notification of receipt of application and notification of the assessment results. All applicants will be advised of the Council decision by email following Council approval. (See Key Dates for likely timing).


Successful Applications

Letter of Offer

Successful applicants will be sent a formal Letter of Offer outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. In general, the Huon Valley Council will not make an offer for substantially less than the amount requested in the application, however, where the Council is unable to provide the full amount requested any lesser assistance will involve consultation with the applicant at this stage.


Grants will be paid:

  • On provision of a signed Letter of Offer; and
  • On receipt of the applicant’s tax invoice (inclusive of GST where applicable) or the applications or its auspicer’s bank details for payment.


Applicants who do not meet their obligations under the Letter of Offer may not be eligible to apply for future grants.


Inability to comply with the Letter of Offer may result in withdrawal of Council support.



Upon completion of the project, successful applicants will be required to acquit their grant, providing evidence of the execution of their project, expenditure and outcomes.


The acquittal form will be made available to successful applicants via the Council’s website, and must be completed online within one calendar month of the project completion date. The acquittal report for Grants includes:

  • Examples of the media coverage achieved including media clippings and images where available;
  • Local community support and participation achieved including evidence of community support; and
  • Any other data collected by organisers as part of the project evaluation process, including good quality, professional-like images.


Organisations that do not satisfactorily acquit their grant may not be eligible for future funding and may be required to return the funds allocated to their project.


GST and Grants

If your organisation will incur a GST liability as a result of receiving the grant (only applicable if your organisation is registered for GST), please submit a tax invoice equal to the amount of the grant plus GST. Otherwise, please submit an invoice equal to the amount of the grant only.


It is a requirement of the Australian Taxation Office that any payee (including incorporated organisations) who does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN) must complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form. This must be submitted with your application. A copy of this form can be found on the Huon Valley Council website:

Statement by a supplier


Recognition of Council Assistance

Successful applicants must acknowledge the Huon Valley Council’s assistance for their project.


Unsuccessful Applications

Unsuccessful applicants may discuss their application with the relevant Council Officer. If your application is not successful, the decision does not necessarily reflect the worthiness or community benefit of the proposal.


Further Information and Enquiries


Copies of all Huon Valley Council documentation referred to throughout these guidelines can be found on the Huon Valley Council Website.

A downloadable copy of the Community Grants Guidelines can be obtained here:

2017-2018 Community Grants Guidelines

All documents that need to be provided by you must be included with your Grant application unless otherwise indicated.


Contact Officer

For further information specifically regarding a project proposal for a Community Grant, please contact:


Community Liaison Officers

Phone: (03) 6264 0300