Youth Health

Addressing the health needs of young people and their families in the Huon Valley is a key part of the Council’s Youth Services Unit’s work.

The unit runs health support groups in schools, community information nights, and youth outreach activities. The unit has also developed health resources for young people, including the Hardware Holster sexual health pack.

Youth Health Reference Groups

The Huon Valley Council’s Youth Services Unit facilitates a Youth Health Reference Group. Youth Health Reference Groups engage high school students within each of the three high schools in the Huon Valley.

Established each calendar year young participants at each school develop health promotion strategies to address health and well-being issues or concerns experienced by young people within their community.   Individual capacity in young people is built as participants take on a proactive role through developing and promoting positive approaches to addressing youth health issues.

Young members of the Youth Health Reference groups meet monthly to develop activities, events or resources for their peers this included implementing interactive workshops, lunch time activities or to develop short films and music. A recent example of this has been the development of the ‘Don’t Rage On My Page’ project that was created by students attending Dover District High School in response to on-line bullying.

ruok day

Hardware Holster

The Hardware Holster is a youth-friendly sexual health pack for people aged 14 to 25 years. It was created in conjunction with an advisory group of young people, who acted as designers and consultants.

The pack includes condoms, lubricant, sexual health information and diagrams, and a card detailing sexual health services available to young people in southern Tasmania.

The packs are free of charge and are available from the Council’s Youth Services Unit during open access (3pm-5pm every Thursday), Cygnet Medical Services, Geeveston Medical Centre, Dover Medical Centre and Dover Hardware.

Party safe tips

Transport: Make sure you don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Organise a designated driver or transport before you go out. Don’t venture out on your own.

Take responsibility for your actions: Drink responsibly to stay in control.

Prevent your drink being spiked: Keep your drink with you at all times. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.

Watch out for your friends: Don’t let them leave with strangers. Stay together, so you don’t lose people.

Party Safe poster

Don't Rage on my Page

Members of the Council’s Dover Youth Health Reference Group created a song and video clip to raise awareness of cyber bullying and to encourage people to think before they post on social media.

Sharni Noye-Burgess, Crystal McKay, Wayne Linnell, Ashley Munnings and Natalia Clark worked in conjunction with the Youth Services Unit and hip hop artist Max Bladel to produce Don’t Rage on My Page.