No spray register

The Huon Valley Council is responsible for the management of vegetation within its road reserves in accordance with the Local Government (Local Highways) Act 1982. Control methods include slashing and the use of chemical herbicide to manage vegetation growing along road reserves to reduce fire hazards, improve sight distance and to ensure surface water runoff by maintaining free flowing drains.

If you do not wish Council to spray the frontage of your property you must apply to Council to be excluded from the herbicide spraying program.  You may only apply for exclusion from the herbicide spraying program for the property frontage that you own or occupy.

The No Spray Register does not apply where roadside infrastructure exists such as around guard railing, barrier fencing and bridge approaches.

Upon application residents are to provide Council with a proposed plan detailing how they intend to control this vegetation. If inspection proves that maintenance is not being carried out in accordance with the applicant’s plan, the applicant will be notified in writing and given 30 days to carry out the required work. If the required work is not completed Council may reinstate the spray area by removal of your property from the No Spray Register.

Council approval of your application to be placed on the No Spray Register is valid for a two (2) year period, after which a new application will be required. If Council does not receive this written application to be excluded from the spraying program it will be deemed that an application has not been lodged.

Rural Roadside Vegetation – No Spray Policy

No Spray Register

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    I acknowledge that my application will only be valid for a maximum two (2) year period and that I will be required to re-apply should I wish to remain on the no spray register.