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Public Exhibition of the Interim Planning Scheme – Report

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Section 30J Report


On 26 August 2015 the Minister for Planning declared the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015 and it came into operation on 31 August 2015.

The Interim Planning Scheme replaced the Huon Planning Scheme 1979, Port Cygnet Planning Scheme 1988, and the Esperance Planning Scheme 1989.

The Council publicly exhibited the Interim Planning Scheme from 12 September 2015 until Tuesday 27 October 2015.

Following the close of the public exhibition period, the Council considered a report (Section 30J Report) at its meeting on the 27 January 2016 regarding the representations received during the exhibition period and the operation of the scheme.

The Council forwarded the report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission on the 2 February 2016 for consideration by the Commission.

Further information

Further information about the next stages of the process is available on this link: