Food Registration Fees

There are various council fees associated with operating food businesses, funeral services, building & plumbing and general public health operation.

Food Registration Fees (# Includes GST) Year 2017/2018
Section 60Service of Improvement Notice$48.00
Section 62Service of Prohibition Order$48.00
Sectiion 84Notification of Conduct of Food Business (once off)$48.00
Section 87Registration of Mobile Food Vendor
*Not for profit 50% reduction in fees
^50% Reduction in fees if made after 1st January
High Risk*^$382.00
Medium Risk*^$255.00
Low Risk *^$160.00
Annual Temporary Registration - Not for profit/Community
Temporary *$38.00
Section 89Renewal of Registration of Food Business Premises
*Not for profit 50% reduction in fees
High Risk Permanent Premises *$382.00
Medium Risk Permanent Premises *$255.00
Low Risk Permanent Premises *$160.00
Growers Market Registration
Sale of non-potentially hazardous foods (once off payment)*$23.00
* (Not For Profit Organisation – 50% reduction in fees)
# MiscellaneousAdditional inspections$121.00
#Pre-Purchase Inspection and Report$146.00 p.h
#Food Handling Training Course$33.00 p.p
Duplicate Certificate of Food registration$30.00