Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Community Consultation

The Huon Valley Council values the opinions, experiences and knowledge contained within the Huon Valley community. In order to give a voice to these opinions and experiences, and to allow the Council an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge in the community, the Council has developed the Community Consultation Framework. The framework will assist the Council in its efforts to further develop the way it communicates and consults with the community and stakeholders.

Community engagement is about us working together to understand and resolve an issue or project. It is a process that involves the public in decision making and the use of community input to make better, more informed decisions.

The aim of Council’s community engagement is to:

  • Enhance decision making by creating links with stakeholders
  • Assist Council to deliver better services
  • Improve relationships with our diverse community through working together
  • Enable our community to come together on issues and projects of significance
  • Increase participation in activities and the decision making process
  • Create a better understanding of Council’s role and responsibilities
  • Create a better understanding of Council’s financial and legislative requirements

Click here for a copy of the Community Engagement Framework


Current Community Consultation Projects


Previous Community Consultation Projects

Below is a list of projects the Council has consulted with the community on over the past six months. While the consultation period for these projects is now closed, you can still learn more about each project and download a copy of the consultation report summarising community input gathered during the consultation period. Please click on the project title below to learn more.