Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

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Copies of the Agenda for a Council meeting are available for download or may be obtained from Council Offices and are FREE.

Copies of any associated reports and documents, other than those relating matters to be discussed in Closed Council and attachments to the Planning Authority Reports, are available at the Council Offices , by download from the web and at the Council meeting.

Agendas and associated reports and documents are available at least 4 days prior to an ordinary meeting.

Copies of any extract from the minutes are available for inspection and may be obtained from Council Offices upon payment of the prescribed fee per Schedule 1 of the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2005 (S.R. 2005, No.65).

1 fee unit ($1.45) for every 5 pages.

Minutes are generally available one week after a meeting however those minutes are subject to confirmation at the next ordinary meeting of the Council.

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pdf Item 13.003 Notice of Motion - Mayor Coad - March 2015 Council Meeting(608 kb)

pdf Item 14.003 Operational Reports - March 2015 Council Meeting(696 kb)

pdf Item 15.007 Camping at Eggs & Bacon Bay - March 2015 Council Meeting(908 kb)

pdf Item 15.008 Governance Committee Meeting - March 2015 Council Meeting(760 kb)

pdf Item 15.009 - Tasmanian Abalone Council Letter - March 2015 Council Meeting(292 kb)

pdf Item 15.010 Local Government Association Tasmania - March 2015 Council Meeting(325 kb)

pdf Item 15.011 Huon Valley Emergency Management Committee - March 2015 Council Meeting(21 kb)

pdf Item 16.018 PSA-1-2014 and DA-65-2014 - March Special Council Meeting(11338 kb)

pdf Item 16.019 Finance Report - March 2015 Council Meeting(212 kb)

pdf Item 17.004 DA-80-2007 - March 2015 Council Meeting(5775 kb)

pdf Item 17.005 DA-5-2015 - March 2015 Council Meeting(986 kb)

pdf Item 17.006 MPA-1-2015 - March 2015 Council Meeting(1283 kb)

pdf Item 17.007 TasWater Shareholders - March 2015 Council Meeting(1542 kb)

pdf Item 17.008 Huon Valley Kingborough Tourism Steering Ctee Minutes - March 2015 Council Meeting(26 kb)

pdf Item 17.009 Huon Trail Marketing - March 2015 Council Meeting(1286 kb)

pdf Item 17.011 Natural Resource Management Advisory Committee - March 2015 Council Meeting(46 kb)

pdf Item 18.003 Targa Tasmania 2015 - March 2015 Council Meeting(139 kb)

pdf Item 19.006 Minutes - Positive Ageing Meeting - March 2015 Council Meeting(22 kb)

pdf Item 19.007 Youth Advisory Committee - March 2015 Council Meeting(25 kb)

pdf Minutes for March 2015 Ordinary Council Meeting(969 kb)

pdf Minutes for March 2015 Special Council Meeting(268 kb)

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