Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Bushfire and fire permit information

Bushfires and You

House destroyed by bushfire

The Huon Valley has had a long history of bushfires. The first recorded major fire that impacted on the Huon Valley was in 1897, when six people lost their lives and dozens of homes were destroyed.

The most devastating fire was on 7 February 1967, when fires swept through the south and other parts of Tasmania claiming some 62 lives and destroying over 1,300 homes and 128 major structures.

Some fires, whilst not destroying homes, have impacted on the economics of the area. One such fire at Glen Huon destroyed a large pine plantation with a resultant loss of many tonnes of timber. With a significant reliance on the timber industry, wildfire can have a devastating impact on old growth forest and plantation areas.

While there have been many improvements in fire mitigation/response (eg. fire permit system and improved response through better manned/trained/equipped fire brigades), wildfire still poses the most likely natural hazard to occur within the Huon Valley.

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