Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Wheelie Bins - FAQ

Do we have to have a kerbside collection?
In October, 2003, Huon Valley Council formally determined that a domestic collection within given boundaries would be mandatory for all residents.

What size bin do we have?
The standard wheelie bin supplied is 120 litres.

What if I need a big wheelie bin?
A 240 litre bin is available if necessary. The larger bin will be charged at a higher garbage rate and a one-off administration fee of $25 will apply.

How often is my wheelie bin collected?
All household waste wheelie bins are collected on a once-per-week basis.  Recycling bins are collected on a once-per-fortnight basis. Please click here for more information:
Kerbside Collection Timetable

How much does the service cost?
The 120 litre standard issue wheelie bin is currently priced at $129 per annum. The 240 litre bin is currently priced at $173 per annum. The 240 litre recycling wheelie bins are $65 per annum. Council service costs are reviewed on an annual basis.

What can I put in my wheelie bin?
All household domestic waste with the exception of hot ashes, oil, paint, chemicals, car parts, rubble, building materials, timber or metal. Most materials unsuitable for wheelie bins may be disposed of through your local waste transfer station.

Where do I put my wheelie bin for collection?
Your wheelie bin should be placed at the kerb or roadside next to your driveway, in a clear, unobstructed area, with the wheels facing away from the road and the Council logo facing the road.
In some rural areas or one-way streets, you may be required to place the bin on the opposite side of the road to your property. The waste contractor will let you know if this is the case.

I have a long driveway - what do I do?
Your wheelie bin is designed to move easily when full. Many people choose to leave the bin just inside their property boundary.
Another alternative is to purchase a 'Wheelie Bin Hitch' from Council and to drive your waste to the pick-up point.

How do I order a wheelie bin hitch?
Trouble getting your wheelie bin to your garbage pickup point? You need a Wheelie Bin Hitch.

Wheelie Bin Hitch and Car Photo

Click Here for a Wheelie Bin Hitch Order Form

Will my business have a collection service?
Kerbside collection for commercial premises is optional. Please contact Huon Valley Council on (03) 6264 0300 during business hours if you would like to implement collection services for your business.

Will the service be expanded?
Council will be seeking to expand the service wherever possible. All future major extensions will be thoroughly investigated, including notification and consultation with property owners, and brought before Council for approval.

What if I need driver assistance?
Driver assistance is provided where it can be established that a resident is physically unable to use a wheelie bin. An objective assessment is necessary and a doctor's certificate may be required to establish any relevant incapacity.

What do I do if my wheelie bin is damaged, lost, or stolen?
The wheelie bin remains the property of Council at all times.
If the bin is stolen, the property owner or resident must submit a statutory declaration describing the circumstances of the loss.
Council will replace the bin in the first instance. On subsequent occasions, a replacement fee of $60 must be paid for replacement of the bin.
If a departing tenant has taken the bin, the property owner will be charged, with no exceptions, a fee for replacement of the bin.

For further information on kerbside collections of wheelie bins, please contact the Huon Valley Council during business hours on (03) 6264 0300 or by email at