Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Kerbside Collection

Kerbside Garbage Collection Service

In 2004, the Huon Valley Council introduced a kerbside garbage collection service. This service is provided to more than 3,400 households within most of the urban areas of the Huon Valley municipal area, plus single rural households on the main arterial roads.

The kerbside collection service is charged to the owner of the property. The annual Council rates for properties receiving the service also includes a standard garbage charge.

the kerbside garbage collection service operates five days a week from Monday to Friday. These collections occur every week of the year, escept if the collection day falls on eiither Christmas Day or Good Friday. The collection will then take place on either the day before or after these public holidays.

Please have your wheelie bin out by 6am on the day it is to be collected.


Introduction of a Kerbside Recycling Collection Service

A kerbside recycling collection sevice commenced in the Huon Valley in early July 2012.

Some key features of the kerbside recycling collection service are:

  • All residential properties (including rental properties) within the collection area received the kerbside collection service of recyclables on a fortnightly basis.

  • Your recycling bin will be emptied on the same day as your current kerbside MGB but on a fortnightly basis.

  • The service will be charged to the ratepayer of the property, not the tenant, and the MGB will be delivered to the property address.

Click here for the kerbside recycling collection information sheet. This information sheet will tell you what can and can't be placed in the recycling bin.

Click here for a guide to kerbside recycling.

Why was a kerbside recycling collection service introduced?

Minimising the generation of waste and significantly increasing recycling of green, glass, paper/cardboard, plastic waste and other reusable resources is a goal of the Council's 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.

In 2010, a survey was undertaken on waste management.  This survey also identified that:

  • 91.36% of respondents felt that more should be done to encourage recycling in the Huon Valley.
  • 88.8% of respondents would be more likely to participate in recycling if it was made easier.

A recommendation from this survey supported the introduction of a kerbside recyclable waste collection service. This recommendation was formally considered and approved by the Council at the February 2012 Council meeting.

The new service will also provide environmental benefits by reducing the amount of natural resources used in producing new products and economic benefits by decreasing the volume of product being sent to landfill.




More Information

For more information on the kerbside collection service, contact the Huon Valley Council on 6264 0300 during business hours (8.20am-5pm) or email

For general information on waste management, reusing and recycling waste, visit the TasWaste website at