Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Managing our natural resources

Achieving balance

The Huon Valley is home to more than 15,000 people. It is the hub of Tasmania’s fish farming industry; we catch rock lobster, scale fish and abalone; we grow apples, cherries and berries; we grow and harvest timber; and each year we attract over 130,000 visitors. The region is thriving.

But with all this activity comes pressure on our land and waterways, and as with any human activity comes the potential for damage and disruption to the very environment on which we all depend. One of Huon Valley Council’s roles is therefore to work with our residents, industries and businesses to ensure that our natural assets are managed wisely now and into the future, so our kids and their kids can enjoy the region as we do.


NRM, or Natural Resource Management, is an important part of Huon Valley Council’s activities. At its heart NRM is about protecting the land and river systems that are home to our rare wedge-tailed eagles and swift parrots, our land-dwelling and aquatic wildlife, and indeed all of the plant and animal life that makes this part of Tasmania so special. Our region has a complex Aboriginal cultural heritage, with important and ongoing spiritual connections, as well as artefacts of ancient human habitation scattered around the area that need protection too.

But there is more to NRM than protecting the environment. We work with farmers to become more sustainable, we revegetate degraded areas and remove weeds, and we arrange events to encourage people to get involved in NRM. We also support local Care groups and allocate funding to help them with their own projects.

Maintaining a healthy landscape is the key to ensuring the Huon Valley will continue to thrive. With help from neighbouring Councils and groups such as NRM South, Landcare Tasmania, the Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania, and the Understorey Network, and with an army of dedicated volunteers, we’re keeping our valley in tip top condition.

Current projects

Here are some of the projects we’re working on at the moment.

Our services

We support volunteer Care groups throughout the Huon Valley – including Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Rivercare, 'Friends of' and Waterwatch groups, as well as schools, community groups and individuals. Click here for more information.

We provide NRM advice and resources to individuals, industry, and developers. Click here for some useful resources.

Much of Council’s NRM service is provided free of charge, however specific project development, significant advice or the development of strategies or reports may incur a service fee.

Miscellaneous Fee - Consultant Service Fee $130.00 per hour

Miscellaneous Fee - Application for Vegetation Removal including waiver of covenant or Part 5 Agreement Provision $206.00

Want to get involved?

Contact the NRM Unit for more information or to get in touch with a volunteer group in your area.

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