Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Economic Development Priorities

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The Huon Valley Council has adopted its Huon Valley Economic Development Strategy 2009 to direct future economic growth of the Huon Valley, to embrace the vision of a vibrant economy with a quality rural lifestyle.

The strategy provides direction to be undertaken by the Council to further develop the economy of the Huon Valley.  The strategy identifies significant opportunity for the Council, through its staff, to work with a range of stakeholders to achieve the outcomes identified. 

The strategy focuses on five priority areas to enhance the economic wellbeing of the Huon Valley:

  • Infrastructure
  • Business Building
  • Marketing
  • Skill Building
  • Sustainable Communities

Through each of these areas, the following objectives are determined:

Infrastructure - Ensure the provision of world competitive infrastructure in transport, telecommunications, water and waterways, tourist accommodation and investment ready development sites.

Business Building - Provide a supportive vibrant environment in which business can grow and develop on a sustainable basis.

Marketing - Promote the Huon Valley region and its high quality produce to the world market.

Skill Building - Ensure a highly skilled and competitive workforce which is provided with optimum opportunity to fulfill individual potential and further the economic prosperity of the Huon Valley.

Sustainable Communities - Ensure appropriate community infrastructure to meet the needs of the population allowing individuals to fulfill career and personal desires.