Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Huon Valley Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014

Background to preparation of the new Planning Scheme

Council is required to prepare a new planning scheme for the Huon Valley municipal area as part of a major State-wide planning reform process. 

This will result in Council’s current 3 planning schemes being replaced by a new interim planning scheme that has been prepared. 

As part of the implementation phases for the proposed interim planning scheme, the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) is considering recommending changes to some parts of the draft interim planning scheme. It is expected the TPC will also recommend changes to other Southern Tasmanian draft interim planning schemes as part of its review and advice to the Minister.

Therefore, as the Council’s draft interim planning scheme is not a final version, please take this into consideration when viewing the draft planning scheme text and draft maps.


A copy of the proposed draft interim scheme and its maps are available from the links below.

Timeframe for operation of new interim planning scheme

Steps are actively being taken by the government to complete implementation of the draft interim planning schemes in southern Tasmania. The new interim planning schemes will commence after changes to the planning legislation are finalised. Further information will be provided once they are made.

Tasmanian planning reform and Regional Planning Project

Planning reform in southern Tasmania is part of the Southern Tasmanian Regional Planning Project (Regional Planning Project). This Regional Planning Project  applies to the twelve southern councils in their role as planning authorities. 

The planning reform process and the process for the creation of new planning schemes is governed by the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 legislation.

Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy

The Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010 - 2035 forms part of the Regional Planning Project.  Planning schemes are required to be consistent with, and are to further the objectives and outcomes of regional land use strategies. The strategy has been formally declared a regional land use strategy for Southern Tasmania 2011. Following further consultation with Southern Tasmanian councils, this strategy was amended in October 2013.

Council’s draft Interim Planning Scheme

When finalised as a new planning scheme, the Huon Valley Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014 (draft Interim Planning Scheme) will further the:

  • Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy endorsed by Council in 2007; 
  • Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010 - 2035 prepared as part of the Regional Planning Project.

Also, the draft Interim Planning Scheme will during the next stages of the process replace the:

  • Huon Planning Scheme 1979,
  • Port Cygnet Planning Scheme 1988, and 
  • Esperance Planning Scheme 1989.

Drafting of planning schemes and common and local provisions

A formal planning directive has been issued to councils in relation to how planning schemes must be drafted. This is: Planning Directive No 1; Format and Structure of Planning Schemes (2014).

All Tasmanian planning schemes are required to have mandatory common provisions and may apply optional common provisions. Planning schemes can include local provisions which do not conflict with mandatory common provisions or with optional common provisions within a scheme. Further information about these provisions is available here.

Further planning reform project information

Further information about the planning reform project is available from the Tasmanian Planning Commission (Commission) website  and Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority website.

Preparation of the draft Interim Planning Scheme

As part of the initial preparation of the draft Interim Planning Scheme some informal consultation sessions were held from November 2012 to December 2012. A further round of public consultation also occurred in June / July 2013. The outcomes of these informal consultation phases have been considered as part of the preparation of the draft Interim Planning Scheme.

As part of commencing the formal implementation process for a new planning scheme, the Council endorsed and adopted the current version of the draft Interim Planning Scheme on 19 February 2014. The Council also requested the then Minister for Planning to declare it as an Interim Planning Scheme. 

The draft Interim Planning Scheme and its proposed planning zone information and maps are available for viewing at Council’s Customer Service Centre and the links below. 

Implementation process for the draft Interim Planning Scheme

Until the implementation process is completed, and a declaration is made by the Minister in relation to the commencement of the draft Interim Planning Scheme it does not take effect.

Declaration of the draft Interim Planning Scheme

After a declaration is made by the Minister other formal implementation steps will be completed.

The effect of the declaration will be that the Council’s current planning schemes in operation immediately before the date the declaration will be replaced by the interim planning scheme.

Therefore, after the date of the declaration, the new draft Interim Planning Scheme will apply to the Huon Valley municipal area. When the other formal steps have been completed the draft Interim Planning Scheme will become the Council’s new planning scheme.

Other implementation steps

Further information about the implementation process following the declaration by the Minister will be provided once the legislative changes to the process are finalised.

Useful links

Huon Valley Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014(4706 kb)

Link to 

Draft interim planning scheme - links to draft maps

Legend to Maps(87 kb)

Map of Cygnet(1116 kb)

Map of Dover(1023 kb)

Map of Eggs and Bacon Bay(512 kb)

Map of Franklin(604 kb)

Map of Geeveston(1267 kb)

Map of Huonville(184 kb)

Municipal Area 1(713 kb)

Municipal Area 2(6059 kb)

Municipal Area 3(2489 kb)

Municipal Area(13556 kb)

Map of Southport(967 kb)

Map of Verona Sands(217 kb)

Other links


Regional Land Use Strategy


Draft Planning Scheme Information Sheets

The following information is provided to assist with interpreting the Huon Valley Draft Interim Planning Scheme 2014.

Information Sheet - Structure and Operation of the Draft Planning Scheme(277 kb)

Information Sheet on Codes and Specific Area Plans(223 kb)

Information Sheet on Zones(450 kb)