Huon Valley Council, Tasmania
Huon Valley Council, Tasmania

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Local Government Act 1993 requires that all councils must adopt a code relating to the conduct of councillors. A code of conduct must be consistent with the Act, address any prescribed matters and be reviewed within twelve (12) months after an ordinary election (ie. every four years).

The prescribed matters a code must address are:

(a) conflicts of interest;

(b) the use of the office of councillor, mayor or deputy mayor;

(c) the use of council resources;

(d) the use of council information;

(e) the giving and receiving of gifts and benefits;

(f) relationships with the community, other councillors and council employees;


(g) the representation of the council.

 The Code of Conduct adopted by the Huon Valley Council is shown below and is available for inspection or purchase on request at Council’s Customer Service Centre.

 A person may make a complaint to the Council in relation to an alleged failure to comply with any provision of the Code of Conduct.

 A complaint must be lodged in a prescribed manner and referred to a Code of Conduct Panel or the Local Government Association of Tasmania Standards Panel for hearing and determination.

A general information sheet about making a code of conduct and complaints form are included below for use.

Further information about the way in which complaints are processed can be made through Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6264 0300.

Alternatively, you can visit and find particulars in the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005.

Councillor Code of Conduct(115 kb)

General information about making a code of conduct(49 kb)

Code of Conduct Complaint Form(56 kb)