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New Planning Scheme for the Huon Valley

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The Mayor of the Huon Valley Council has welcomed the transition to a single Planning Scheme for the whole Valley.

Mayor Peter Coad said as part of a planning reform program being implemented across the whole of Tasmania by the Minister for Planning and Local Government, the Council’s three current planning schemes have been replaced by the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

“The new scheme means people with planning applications in the valley will now only deal with one scheme, rather than the three previous schemes,” he said.

The Interim Scheme combines State-wide and regional common provisions and local provisions. Local provisions are included in the Interim Scheme to reflect important local planning provisions from the Council’s planning schemes that are being replaced.

Mayor Coad said anyone with a valid application lodged before the 31st of August 2015 will be assessed under the previous scheme, while valid applications received after the 31st of August 2015 will be assessed under the new Interim Scheme.

“We welcome community feedback on the new planning scheme. A six week public exhibition period for the Interim Scheme starts from 12 September 2015. During this period members of the community can make representations (written submissions) about the Interim Scheme,” he said. More information will be provided in respect of the public exhibition period.

The Interim Scheme provisions and Code overlays are displayed on the State Government iplan website and from the Council’s website

Planning Scheme inquiries can be directed to the Huon Valley Council Customer Service Centre.