Ministerial Direction

On 8 September 2015 the Minister for Planning and Local Government established a Board of Inquiry pursuant to the Local Government Act 1993.

The Board of Inquiry undertook a process of investigation and on 15 June 2016 a report to the Minister for Planning and Local Government (The Minister) was released which included 55 Recommendations.

The Minister, pursuant to section 225 considered the Report and chose to make 7 Ministerial Directions dated 15 June 2016.

Following the dismissal of all Huon Valley Councillors on October 10 2016, Council continues to to implement all 7 relevant Ministerial Directions and review all of the Board of Inquiry Recommendations.

An update on the implementation and review is provided to Council on a monthly basis as well as the Director of Local Government.

Report presented to the March Council MeetingMarch2017